Letra Sigo Boyando El Alfa El Jefe Ft La Manta, Shelow Shaq and Bulova

I follow Boyando The Alpha The Chief Ft The Blanket, Shelow Shaq and Bulova


I keep Boyando The Alpha The Chief Ft The Blanket, Shelow Shaq and Bulova

When I give my back they live criticizing me
and when I turn around, they are giving it to me
so it is lived in the world that I am
of envy, of demagogy, the whole world joseando

Everyone who you want to hit, it's me that is pulling
but I'm an elastic and you're a strip
on the street when you see me, you throw me
that I'm going to leave you on the face and in the ribs

We start with blue lavel
now we go for champagne
in my chorus the pistols sound
I eat them as can can
and with me nobody can, you macan

They throw me a pile of women, for me to plant them
but my name is full, until the other December
in the throat I made a tommy john
because every day I'm looking for a million

The owner of the street, which is what you're late
I do not speak twice, I'm a disconnected
a lambo , two jetsky, one bus and five apartments
it hurts me to say what I have, I'm sorry!

We're not in people, keep boiling
we're not in people, keep boiling
we're not in people, keep boyando
we are not in people, keep boyando
are no longer women, only tigueres
who are sucking (x2)

My lyrics look like they were
written by Señor de los Cielo
You kind of want to pull me back
but I get better every day

I have my room and I should not, counting my fingers are burned
We have women, too to the tigueres sucking
a long drink to my throat, for those who can not stand me
the money that I have, is for I am working when you get up

M send everyone to hell, because they did not want me alive
I want to die today, to make a live instagram
people just say: "pussy, the guy is in progress "
and they do not see what happens in that process

I have no fault of your need
you will not sound, do not come with your skill
we are not in people, follow boyando
that you are the reincarnation of the disgust

We are not in people, keep boiling
we are not in people, keep boiling
we are not in people, keep boiling
we are not in people, continue boyando
are no longer the women, single tigueres
who are sucking (x2)

I represent the boss records
I'm with the jean the rake
to run the blood I was
you do not give a note, as you smoke a cigarette
and the blanket gives more note than stabbing the kilo [194590] 09] and lamber the knife

We have the command, we have them
dividing sides, because envy is killing them
for the Canaries, if they keep boiling
and that those who they're going to keep turning

I'm watching them
and they're going to continue watching, as we continue to kill
in three months the movement I'm controlling
by the networks they talk shit and in front
they are sucking

You do not have a cut
you return them, they are not good for crack
my gun always has the hammer back
they started forward and now they are back
leave the kitchen, here we are going to cook

A molotov bomb and the one that crosses is burned
like your eyes, without seeing the diamonds in my chain
mama yem *, is flow changa does not give me a note
of parrot I have as many as 60 pets

The best pound for pound and I'm not the one who weighs the most a
have to give it to me, take it out with dressing
lospatos goes crazy when they see a couple of pesos
and I have 8 million pesos in my account

Go to the process, I do not drop the sale
the leather deliver that faster than vimenca
I am the drug in short supply for the thirsty
mi gue ** has more demand than the obredecht

Too spicy, for these beginners
the Cuban and the robin with the diamonds
the trophies on the shelf
the neck full of garments as students

Shit for your signature, shit for your seal
what your CD is worth I have it in the neck
you are from one, they are from them
tell me to take off what you have left of hair

The envious ones mock, they stay sucking
those who do not trust, they stay sucking
those who say they are haevy, they stay sucking
you see them talking and then they go plague seando

Hey, I'm going to put it in guineo
is that in Chinese the whole world
I do not have to let go in band
right there is

Shelow Shaq
] The Manta
The Chief Records


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