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At the beginning of this year, a group of front office staff from the Eindhoven Library completed the in-company training VerdiepDingen successfully. As a direct result of the curriculum, the library is currently experimenting with WhatsApp to get in touch with customers.

Deepenings method

Many library and archive staff have been introduced to social media since 2007 by participating in 23 Things . Of the applications that were new and revolutionary, some survived the test of time. We still blog, Twitter is for many information tool number 1 and online photography has experienced unprecedented growth. Things also changed. Hyves became Facebook, MSN Messenger became WhatsApp and wikis as a collaborative platform was overtaken by Google Docs. But apart from that, 23 Things turned out to be a booster, a catalyst for change and innovation. Change of personal attitude and a 'down-to-top' incentive for the development of new library and archive services.

In VerdiepDingen, the successor of 23 Things, it is still about getting acquainted with social media, but especially about to apply it in the work practice. How does that work?

  • we agree with the participating team what the purpose of the learning program is and what Things are 'Must do's' that everyone is doing. and what Things are 'Can do's'. In addition, anyone can optionally do the things he / she just likes to do.
  • Groups of up to five people work out an idea that aims to improve the public service. Knowledge about several things comes in handy here
  • In contrast to 23 things, the participants no longer keep their own blog, but they exchange knowledge in a Forum on the online learning environment
  • During a short pitch at the final meeting, tells each group about their chosen idea and how they want to realize this. The winning pitch will be given the space and the resources of the MT to actually realize the idea

De VerdiepDingen at Bibliotheek Eindhoven

The sixteen participants of the Public Services department of Library Eindhoven had in more or less experience with – and knowledge of social media. In the four groups, one person acted as a source of information, but in practice these people helped all colleagues who had to deal with practical problems.

The ideas developed by the groups into a presentation and action plan were:

  • Making screencasts . Create a set-up for a series of screencasts that contribute to the self-reliance of the library user, both IN the office and from home
  • Livestreaming video . Create a setup for a series of live broadcasts of a public activity or webinar. Find out which of the planned activities in the annual calendar qualify for this
  • Digital customer contact . Investigate the possibilities that (for example) WhatsApp offers in the service. Make a design for actual execution
  • Photo activity . Organize a photography activity or competition around an Eindhoven theme or a clear library-related subject. For example a photo walk, a meetup or an Instagram challenge

With great enthusiasm and faith in the case, the groups each presented their idea. Comments and criticism, but above all the positive remarks made it an informative closing meeting.
Unanimously, the participants opted for the idea Digital contact via WhatsApp, by the winning group to further work. After presentation and 'defense' at the MT the pilot could start. And now the WhatsApp button takes a prominent place on the home page of the library.


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