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Golden Ecko YG

Golden Ecko YG
I'm dying golden
I'm playing everywhere
in the trap game, I'm stuck
and if they throw me come I am ready

I will be white but I have flow morocho
fulfilling what I dreamed at 8
I go ahead 2028, those parrots speak

Why do I go around
I want the treasure that's why I improve
first they criticize, then they throw follow
I do not have click, I look for myself

Adding letters, subtracting the days
I invade the planet with my melody
between so many fecas, I distinguish the reals
here do not mess that this industry is mine

If you put the bar, you would pay a voice
if I put the bar to me they would hit me
I'm making teak where there was not
I do not give a shit what they would say to me

This is for real, for real
traping, traping with my niggas
of this name are not forgotten
for the world made in Argentina

Its shorty is delivered by fame
black if there is no me and there is no law
pledge black golden change
that combine with my face

I'm marking
a before and after
as federate tennis
as jordan with 23
as maradona with 10

In ruin was my life and immediately I raised
I am the killa of Argentina, the lie the mate
I took over with the move, with moved when between
and the scene I am over, I saw up and did not stop

With my homies, without wasting time
we go 120 going up straight
always in concert, never in bewilderment
everything planned turning true

I want to see dead, but I'm active
the day I die, be in a collective
traveling by plane, going to play live [1945900] 7] being a legend, which rodrigo foal

I'm dying golden
I'm playing everywhere
in the trap game, I'm stuck
and if they throw me they come I'm ready

Gold young, crazy tro
entered, does not suit us if we are
I break the game, you take the photo
I'm a car bomb, I explode where I play

Like flow mayather I do not fall in the ring
as lebrom, the best in the heat
with little feat because I think so
if I hit a hit that is for me

Today I just want to add, I never think about losing
I'm not going to regress, I swear I was not going to stop
now they see me everywhere and give themselves the pleasure of talking
but if you do not know me like shit is going to matter

Adding lilacs, nigga very very
I am like that, I dont change
I climb faster than gareth bale
to 100 thousand steps like golden state

Mami young king , jordan in the bulls
on everyone's lips, like bubaloo
counting the numbers from youtube
and I'm not talking about the wiews

I want to live like floyd
I want to buy more fly
] I am living today
but knowing that there are

Couple there too many toys
that are wanting my style
me doing video 10 point
while they are walking with paint

I'm dying golden
I'm playing everywhere
in the trap game, I'm stuck
and if they throw me away I'm ready


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