Love translated lyrics Foda Bad Bunny Lyrics

Love Foda Bad Bunny

Love Foda Bad Bunny
I do not want
that nobody else talks to me about love
I got tired, all those tricks
and I se, those pains are spent (x2)

Well I hate you, it's not secret
first of all I confess if I could ask you
to give back all the kisses I gave you
words and all the time I lost
I regret a thousand times to see
trusting you

I would like you to feel like I feel
I would like to be like you, without feelings
I would like to get you out of my thoughts
I would like to change the ending to the story

The bars and drinks, have been witnesses
of the pain that you caused me and of everything you did with me
an unhappy in love, that still does not surpass you
that now walks alone without anyone, on all the sidewalks

Asking God if in truth love exists [1 9459007] and why if I was so good, all this shit you did to me
the most bastard is that you see everything as a joke
I'll always curse the day you were born

The chocolates that you I gave and all the flowers
become nightmares today and to grieve
I already lost the faith that this better
if after the rain the rainbow comes out but without colors

I do not want
that nobody else talks to me about love
and I get tired, all those tricks
I know it, those pains happen (x2)


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