Information professionals become Content Curators Lyrics

During the KBenP Summer Event on 26 June 2014 I was given a presentation on the subject Content Curation. I had not yet mentioned the Prezi I made for this, but it has been viewed and distributed by many.

What is Content Curation, why should you profile yourself as an information specialist, what tools do you use for it and about it? which competences should you have? In my Prezi I based myself on the principle of Seek, Sense, Share framework as conceived by Harold Jarche . In short:

  • Seek: search for the most valuable information in a wide variety of sources; free on the web, in the social media and in paid databases. Organize that information, save it in a way for later use
  • Sense: indicate the selected information. Add articles together, link it to other information, give your opinion or summarize opinions
  • Share: write about it in an attractive style on the channels that you have at your disposal for that purpose; a weblog, intranet, newsletter, Twitter etc., with your sources well listed. And of course you take part in the conversations that follow your messages.

In the autumn, the training course Content Curator starts at GO Opleidingen and in that context I gave this presentation as the intended trainer.

And that's how it looked. -)


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