Note how Sisow works after WordPress update Lyrics

Are you running a WordPress website with a WooCommerce webshop and iDeal payments via Sisow ? Then I think this message is important to you.

After updating to WordPress 4.4 (available since 8 December 2015), the iDeal payment option for the customer has disappeared. Not very convenient. Cause: the Sisow plugin is just deactivated …

This is how you solve it:

  • Go to Plugins> Activate Woocommerce Sisow Payment Methods if it is turned off
  • Go to WooCommerce> Settings> Checkout > choose Sisow iDeal> Activate this. Also check the 'Description on the bank statement' field. You should of course include your text
  • Go back to the Checkout tab. Chances are that the Merchant ID and Merchant Key are not entered
  • Go to your Sisow profile page and retrieve your ID and Key data. If you are there anyway, please allow test payments at the Advanced tab
  • Go back to Checkout> Sisow iDeal and put the Testmode on
  • Make an order and after success you can turn Testmode off again

] Would not be nice if your orders go wrong due to this error.

ps. Do you encounter other problems? Read this message from Petra, Conflict plugin Sisow iDeal and iThemes Security .


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