What Instagram means to me and can also mean for you Lyrics

Instagram I installed in 2011 on my first iPhone, the 3G. The first picture shows a piece of garden and was – because it is possible – processed with one of the filters available at the time to give it an atmosphere.

More than three years later, Instagram is part of the social media circle that I make it all day long; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and otherwise not necessarily in this order.

 My first photo on Instagram

My very first photo on Instagram

Share photos

With more than 1200 photos , 320 followers and about 350 people I follow, I am not a top scorer in the Instagram community. But it gives me incredible pleasure to capture the things I see, in a square photo and share that with my followers. Every Instagrammer has the pleasure to see the Likes and the Comments coming in, not only from the loyal followers, but also from people who happen to end up in your picture because of the hashtags that you used to describe the image. [19659007] With the Instagram app on your smartphone, you share your photos with friends with great ease and you can literally find photos of people, places and things. You can find me on Instagram as robcoers

Many new online friends have gotten to me thanks to Instagram. All people who share with me their love for shared passions. People I already knew in the real world, but especially people I will probably never meet.

 instgram cardboard Companies and organizations

Among the more than 200 million Instagram users, there are more and more organizations and companies that discover the power of this image medium. Not only to show beautiful pictures of products and to tell stories, but also to converse with other users, wherever in the world they may be. And finally to translate this into an increase in the number of visitors in the store and to increase sales.

What can I do for you?

I will help you with that! In two short, practical workshops I put your company or organization on track and I give you a push in the right direction. Discover how!


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