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About three months ago I received two requests in rapid succession to develop an e-learning platform for organizations that are active in the training world; Prove2Move and the Foundation for Corporate Education . Both had no practical experience with offering online learning. There were four wishes, however; do it fast, develop it with WordPress, make it 'social' and do it affordable.

In the world of e-learning platforms there are the "Old boys" like Moodle and Blackboard and there are dozens of new providers, including developed for WordPress. LearnDash LMS is experiencing strong package growth and is manifesting itself in education, at large companies and in small entrepreneurs who offer e-learning training.

Some of the possibilities that LearnDash has on board as standard:

  • Group registration of course participants and multiple teaching
  • Statistical information per course, per group and per student
  • Video and audio progression possible to view or listen to the end
  • Course content can be reused in several training
  • Dripfeed lets you determine that lessons become available after a certain period
  • Choice between linear learning (from lesson 1 to lesson 8) or "free, crisscross, consumption"
  • Extensive quiz forms and score settings
  • Possibility of automatic e-mails after completion of a lesson or a longer period not to be logged in

One of the success factors of online learning is the possible to communicate with the teacher and your fellow students. BuddyPress and BbPress are among the most popular among WordPress users and provide interaction and make the website a real social platform in no time.

  • Profile building possible with fields to be determined by you [19659005] (Private or private) groups let you class members together so that they can communicate in a confined environment
  • Various visual "timelines" that show the conversation activities
  • 1 on 1 messages is only possible between Friends
  • Private forums offer discussion possibilities, eg if the teacher wants to gauge the opinions of the students

Once installed, LearnDash, BuddyPress and BbPress are usable, but they are not pleasing to the eye. To adjust everything nicely to your house style, you arrange it on the theme (also called template, template) of your website. Or you opt for a ready-made solution, where colors, layout and the tablet and smartphone display are immediately arranged. eLumine from WisdmLabs is a newcomer who has dedicated himself to the specific elements of LearnDash, but certainly to those of BuddyPress and BbPress.

Meanwhile the first month has passed and his a small two hundred students started and actively engaged in online training. With the exception of a few users in the start-up phase ("I can not log in …"), virtually no comments have been made about the navigation or use of the websites. Apparently, everything works intuitively and the social part of the site is clear to the vast majority of the students.

Also applying e-learning in your organization or company?

All in all, there is of course a lot more to it than installing the plugins mentioned here. There are endless possibilities and learning paths to walk. And not to mention a large number of other necessary plugins that simplify the work processes and ensure safety.

Send me a message and we will discuss how we are going to realize your plans!

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