Searching for old books on the internet Lyrics

in: Library journal jrg. 2 (1998) no. 16

Old prints, no longer available titles and books that you have been searching for on bookmarkets for a while
but never found or were too expensive

the daily practice of working in the library,
will seldom or perhaps never occur that
antiquarian books must be searched for. And then there is always the Interlibrary Loan
Loan traffic to get sold out in the trade. But if
that option has not yielded anything then it is good to know that
there are a number of useful sites to search for old books.

Boekhandel De Slegte is a paradise for geramsjte and second-hand
books. Hours can be browsed between the shelves, but if
a specific title is needed, then it comes to the
memory of the seller, because there is no catalog available. The site of The
also does not have a searchable catalog, but via
the link 'Book search service' can be filled in with a form with the
data of the searched book. The customer is brought to the
height by De Slegte when the book is found in the shop cabinets.

The Dutch Antiquarian Network (NAN) is a collection of [antiquity bookshops]
that have put their collections in a database
and sent them via the website of Antiqbook
( Antiq uarian Book sellers
Online) available. Each of these bookstores produced printed catalogs in the pre-internet era
and distributed them
by mail to their customers; libraries, book collectors and
fellow antiquarians at home and abroad.
The website of Antiqbook contains many interesting, also international
links, which can considerably facilitate the search for that one book.
The reading of the printed catalogs is then no longer necessary.

participating bookshops on Antiqbook are searchable via 4 databases
; a catalog of rare and sold-out books from
1900, a catalog of expensive, rare and sold-out books from before
1900, antique maps and prints can be found and
finally there is a catalog of prints which appeared in The
Illustrated London News, the first newspaper in the world to use images from 1842
on the articles. For example, I have been looking for 'Passage to India' (1978) by Rudy Kousbroek for a while on
. It can still be borrowed in the
library, but for a long time the book is sold out.
And indeed, the database contains the title sought, available at
Antiquariaat Victory for fl. 22,50. By sending an e-mail message
to the bookstore it can come into my possession.

In addition to this joint catalog, Antiqbook also offers links to
other book search services. There are two important mailing lists
to get in touch with other book lovers and book seekers.
ANTIQBOOK is an international mailing list with purchasing and sales possibilities.
The NEDBOEK mailinglist is a Dutch-language list for books in
the Dutch language area and books in other languages ​​related to the Dutch language and culture
. Participation is free for everyone
and librarians in particular are encouraged to register

When finally nothing is found at Antiqbook,
can still be found internationally at Bibliofind
the big brother of Antiqbook. Around 2000 antiquarians
have been brought together worldwide, including some of the NAN. Here too,
provides an extensive search screen for access to the joint collections with
more than 6 million titles. And if nothing is found there,
there is also the Bibliofind mailing list that also has its specializations.
Bibliofind Rare exists for the rare books, Bibliofind <$ 100
and Bibliofind> $ 100 for titles above and below the 100 Dollar and Bibliofind
Sportingbooks. Would there still be a book that can not be found?

The internet turns out to be an excellent tool for searching
for the all-old media.

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