How to Earn Revenue For Your Blog


Google AdSense. This is a good choice for many people. Sign up for Google AdSense and place Google's ad on your website and earn money for everyone wh0 clicks on it. I have heard people getting 20-50 dollars per week per hundred visitors. So, why not try it now.

Sponsored reviews. Write a review about a company in your blog / website and the companies pays you $$$. They will pay 10-thousands of dollars per review. That sure is a good deal for just a little bit of your time.

Paid / free newsletter subscriptions. You can set up a subscription service to your newsletter in your blog / website. If you choose to make your newsletter free for all (FFA), you can integrate ads into your newsletter.

Selling goods. You can sell clothes with your web logo and blog URL printed on it and sell it. Its good as you get to earn $$$ and you get advertising when your visitors wears the clothes outdoors. Check out Cafepress. It makes t shirts for you and handles everything. All you need to do is to set the price and sell it.

Premium content. If you are running an informational site that is very useful to people, try to make some BUT NOT ALL content premium. You can charge people to view your premium content.

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